Scott (nocturne152) wrote,

Hey, I've got one of these things?

As you fine people may or may not have ever realized, I'm notorious about not updating this thing. Seriously, though... what's so damn exciting about me? I work in retail, I game, I travel, I get drunk. Seems like a pretty mundane existence to those who aren't me.

Hmm... general randomness... I've discovered that the way to get me to a baseball game is a promise of beer and meeting Chewbacca. It seems to work.

Speaking of travel, I'll be going on vacation on Monday. Another one of those road-trip things I'm so fond of doing. I'll be in San Antonio for about a week, visiting family and meeting up with friends.

Work's been kicking my ass lately, what with the various product launches and resets and fun crap like that. On the other hand, the overtime has been in abundance, and I'm been taking full advantage of that. Road trips don't pay for themselves, unless one is a lot lizard.

Enough of my crap, though. Perhaps I'll make another post before another nineteen weeks pass.
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