Scott (nocturne152) wrote,

It's come to this

A rare, sober, morning post. Don't think I've ever actually done THAT before.

Unemployed since January. The boredom is really getting to me, and it's not for lack of trying to find a job. I can't even get hired as a damn dishwasher.

I've lost contact with a lot of people over the past few months. Sorry about that. Some people I may have said things to, late at night, while hammered. Others I've just drifted from.

Had a lot of time to think while I was waiting for job interviews to not be set up. During all of this, the wanderlust has not left me. I get the feeling now that I would be happiest roaming the world, but there's apparently not much money in that, unless your name is Anthony Bourdain.

Something I CAN get excited about, though, is my impending road trip next month. I'm returning to Bonnaroo. I might not be able to re-capture the glory of the first time, but there will be plenty of new experiences that will never be re-captured in future trips. All right. I'm giddy just THINKING about going again, and as most people know, I don't DO giddy.

Whatever. Screw it. I guess I wanted to let people know I'm still around, and not going anywhere, except maybe on the road.
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