Scott (nocturne152) wrote,

A look back at 2008

Well, now. Been a fascinating year. Gaming, Chapter 11, Bonnaroo, Rock Fest, LSD, Chapter 11 again, liquidation, girls, too much alcohol.

I truly love gaming. The randomness, the companionship, the random jokes, all of it. I know, sometimes I've been a flake about it, but sometimes, a man needs his solitude. I love the group I'm with, though, even though I'm not necessarily the best gamer. I freely admit that I'm into it mostly for the camaraderie. Big on looting, distant on combat (skill in archery FTW!). Whatever. I cherish the time I've spent rolling dice of various denominations.

Work has been down the shitter, lately. Steve and Barry's has been mostly a game of "Who Can Make It" since July. Chapter Filing #1 was filled with dread, but was fantastic news when we learned that we'd be staying open. News which was shattered when we filed Chapter 11 for the SECOND time in mid-November. I've been designated the official store liaison for the fixtures, and while I've been told I'm doing well at it, I doubt that I've been doing enough. Fuck. It's truly painful to me to be selling the fixtures and at the same time to be leaving the store in such a disgusting mess. At least I know that there's an end in sight, allegedly January 17. Ten days before my birthday. How's that for a birthday present... "Happy birthday, here's a pink slip." Fuck it. I've done all I can. Some great friends on my crew. People I can depend on, whether or not it's out of friendship or out of desire for a paycheck. I've never pretended that it's more than just hours, but there are people working for me that would unquestionably follow me into hell if I asked them to, even if they would NEVER take the direct orders from someone else. Fuck, I understand why they did it, but I know for a fact that they would have had FAR better success in waiting until after the holiday to file for bankruptcy. Fuck, everything is marked down to Fifty percent off. This could have been a profitable holiday season, but the douchebags in charge (The Kid Nation, so to speak, decided it was best to liquidate during the holidays.) Anyone who has ever shopped at Steve & Barry's KNOWS that we've got the best price on quality shit.

All right, Bonnaroo. Truly the best experience of my life. Nothing but love and respect for everyone and everything. Music, drugs, sex, a complete free-for-all. Greening has become a major theme in my life. I dropped acid (five doses at once, in fact (go big or go home is my motto)) for the first time. Fantastic experience. I even truly learned that death is a fact of life (Never mind the fact that I communed with the entire universe and learned that everything is fleeting (seriously... there was someone that suffered from epilepsy right in front of me)). Fantastic festival, I saw Willie Nelson, Chris Rock, and Metallica on the same fuckin' evening. Ok, so I'm a damn dirty hippie. Even have the Jesus-Walker sandals to prove it. Fuck you, they're, goddamn comfortable. Regardless. I''m planning the trip to Manchester, TN again.

Rock-Fest. A great experience, although it paled in comparison to Bonnaroo. Bands that I loved, and some I was less than familiar with. Regardless of that... Godsmack put on one HELL of a set, even though I'm only familiar with their first album. Awesome show. Stone Temple Pilots had a decent show, although Scott Weiland (that asshole who decided to quit Velvet Revolver, lead singer thereof). was so fucked up on heroin that he actually forgot that he was in eight rows into the audience. Great time, enhance by the fact that Meatbag and I were somehow granted Corporate VIP status. You can be DAMN sure that I took advantage of the open bar.

All right, back to the liquiaation. I've been formally been appoiomted the official store liaison. If you wamt a deal on 36 inch televisions, I'm your dude, Five left.

Christmas gift... I'm willing to suppply anything; I KNOW ALL the prices, will deal anything (PLASMA TVS ARE SOLD =OUT)

Seriously... I learned one hell of a lot about the human condition while I was tripping on LSD.

Ok, yeah, the work thing sucks major ass, but I've got a couple of prospects. If nothing works out, I've got plans to start an IT firm catering to small businesses. Serioly, a firm catering to small busubesses.

RockFest was truly an educatuibqk experience in that I learned exactly how much Clear Channel has an influence on what actually gets played. Freebird deserves MUCH more recognition.

Girls: Ok, yeah. The ONE area I'm not that good with. There's potential (well, ok, I at least SENSE potential). This young lady is AWESOME. Various thingz in common, in addition to the fact that I am completely disgusting to (sporadic) compansionship.

All right, whatever. I freely admit that I am completely insecure,.
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