Scott (nocturne152) wrote,

Inebriated contemplation.

I'm sure some of you know I like the alcohol. I'm sure even less of you even remember I exist. I'm ok with this fact.

Fact is, I've been in a rather introspective mood lately (Although being just drunk enough with the right level of introspection is rather uncommon, given my sporadic postings and almost omnipresent disclaimer that I've been drinking), what with the job situation, and financial situation, and other random shit.

Ok, job situation. Things are pretty damn hazy right now. I love my job, but I wake up every morning realizing that I could find out that the company no longer exists. Sure, that fear has been somewhat assuaged, but I still don't know what to think.

Anyway... I've been doing a it of thinking, and realizing that I've dedicated my life to enjoying myself. I've got no problem with this fact. I love my life, and I'm damn glad I've made most of the decisions I made (dropping out of college, becoming moderately successful at a job I enjoy, among others). It's been a great time... gaming with some good friends, perfoming with Rocky Horror, road trips, dabbling in various things, but dammit, there's so much more I want to do, and it sure as hell doesn't involve working myself into an early grave.

In no particular order, the things I want to do:
Buy and learn to ride a motorcycle
Keep going back to Bonnaroo
Start a moderately successful side business
Record and publish an album
Write and publish a novel
Drift through the American southwest
Build a house
Work as a roadie
Shoot guns with Ted Nugent
Backpack through Europe for a summer

Who knows. Some of those are more achievable than others, and I'd be happy if I could accomplish half of those. Here's to another year and a half of not posting.
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